Halloween Haunted Ghost Ship

We are releasing some special Halloween inspired aircraft just for fun. Don't expect much in terms of aerodynamics, realism or speed, but grab your print screen button, balance your hand on your mouse and snap some pics of these monsters over your favourite landmarks.

More info here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/25/ghost-ship/

3D Artist : Ghost Ship by Samize


flightsimsquadron-ghost-ship.zip 1 MB
Oct 24, 2020

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This is really cool.   I don't see any ghouls when I hit the G key though.   Is there some alternate way to trigger the ghouls?

Might have been confusing but that animation was originally only part of the Season Pass pack but I've since updated this project to have that as well. Try downloading again and let us know if the animation doesn't work for you with G or your landing gear trigger key.

Thanks, it works.      And I just bought the Season Pass.  I've been having a lot of fun with your creations.

A neat thing about this ghost ship is it works at ground (sea) level.   I sailed it down the Grand Canal in Venice Italy.  

Haha ! That's awesome ! I never thought of that ! Thanks for your support too !