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#30 April 2020 (4 months after this initial post)

Updated Cockpit and a new flight model with some aesthetic tweaks 


With the positive response from the first  version of the F22 Raptor, we wanted to continue this passion project and see if I could learn a few new skills and also have others experience a better F22 mod than the current bare bone, eyesore cockpit version.

Over the next few weeks / months I will be updating this project with newer textures, models and working internals in hopes to get a more true to life F22 out there for you all to enjoy.

Current list of things that work (Newest to Oldest):

- Turbines in the rear engines
- Exhaust FX and Contrail
- Improved thrust vectoring effects on the rear engines (throttle up and down to see the magic
- Pilot (I will still need to include a proper model but this one gives a great effect for now)
- Engine exhaust effects
 - Flaps
 - Rudder
 - Elevator
 - Ailerons
 - Gears
 - New cockpit model
- Text display on the Gear leaver for each state
 - Yoke Forward, Backwards, Left & Right
 - Thrust control 1 and Thrust control 2
 - Landing gear knob
 - Flap switch
 - Pedals
- 3 Dashboards
- Airspeed Indicator (Digital)
- Artificial Horizon (Digital)
- Cockpit glass interior and exterior reflections
 - Rain effect in the cockpit

You can follow some of how I started to approach this cockpit build here at FlightSimSquadron.com

 - Maiden test flight with a rocky start :)

-New feature of Secondary Control Points

Rain effect in action

Let me know what you think and also what internals should be brought in.

Skills and tools that I am learning on the way:

  • Blender - Hard Surface Modelling, Texturing and Image Baking (This is an almighty challenge)
  • Substance Painter - Texturing and making it look good (Industry leading, another almighty challenge)
  • XML & C++ for the interior gauges (C++ makes my eyes already water)

Really hope you all like it and if you do, comment on what parts I should work on next



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You ought did yourself again.

Thanks mate, appreciate the support! Hope you enjoy the take off challenge we indirectly made