F4 Phantom Mk-II

This was one of my first model Airfix kits as a kid and I love the design of this plane up to now so I had a go at adding it. 

Usual caveats apply (scale is probably off, no working cockpit, sound is not right, no animation (yet), landing gears height a bit off ... but I love seeing it in the air :-)

Model from https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/f4-f7d8189af9fb40db9b4968830aabe29e


flightsimsquadron-f4.zip 64 MB
Sep 27, 2020

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hey im interested in this model and i was wandering if there is any way that you could add retractable gear to this model. i have actually been working on turning this into a real maneuverable jet. 

hey, we're working on animating retractable gears to some aircraft for theSeason Pass and can look at adding this to the backlog.

ok last question from the looks of it is it possible if i can just buy the f4 phantom animated zip if you make it?

If we do add it to the Season Pass, it would be made available along with all the other animated aircraft in that pack.