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Some fun custom aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulation.

For more behind the scenes info on our work, check out https://flightsimsquadron.com/

To manage expectations, they are probably the wrong scale, most have no animation, working interior or correct sound, and are probably rubbish to fly .... 

So should probably really not be used for any purpose other than to take some screenshots for fun :-)

Update 2 Aug 2021:

Added our first helicopter - Airwolf at https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/helicopters

Update April 2021:

The F-35 is our latest mod with VTOL capability. More info about it here - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/242272/f-35b-vtol-f...

UPDATE DEC 27th 2020:

This project has some of our most downloaded aircraft but also is getting too crowded so we will use this project for "Jet Fighters" Aircraft, and we have set up separate projects for "Vintage" and "Current" Aircraft.

The following have been moved to the "Current" project - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/aircraft-current

- Blimp - Ultralight - Glider - Balloon - Antonov AN-12 - FSS Ultralight

The following have been moved to the "Vintage" project - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/vintage

- Wright Flyer - Spirit of St Louis - A6 Zero - B25 Mitchell - F4 Corsair

Link to collection of awesome free models used for this project here.


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flightsimsquadron-f117-nighthawk.zip 83 MB
flightsimsquadron-mig31firefox.zip 107 MB
flightsimsquadron-f16.zip 98 MB
flightsimsquadron-f35.zip 129 MB
flightsimsquadron-f22-raptor.zip 145 MB
flightsimsquadron-f4-phantom.zip 83 MB
flightsimsquadron-f14.zip 103 MB
flightsimsquadron-sr-71.zip 69 MB

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Since SU5, the SR-71 model is broken.   No in-cockpit view.   No shadow.   It's just not there.     Can still see from the drone, but that's it.   

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Thanks for letting us know about that. Just updated it now.

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Thanks for the quick update.  Bit disappointed to see that you've slowed it down to sub-sonic speeds though.  The ability to cruise at Mach 1.5-1.7 is the whole reason I love flying this plane cross country, even with a little shaking.    The real SR-71 wasn't known for being a comfortable ride either. 

Ah OK. Have just updated it with the previous engine and flight model files it used to have now.

Very Great Work! Salute. Please the B-52 STRATOFORTRESS Is Needed! This will shut it down for update 6. 3-D Model Link Is Here. Thanks And Please Create This

Boeing B52 StratoFortress - Download Free 3D model by erty546453 (@erty546453) [87cf386] (sketchfab.com)

I had high hopes too but I'm sure they have other things on their plate & will get to it if they have time. 

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Bro btw idk if you know that there's tons of FREE cool things you could use for your porjects on sketchfab here's a bunch of starships for example some are pay but the site has alot of FREE models https://sketchfab.com/khalys/collections/starship

Yup, lots of awesome models in that collection. That Razor Crest in that collection is the one I used here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/11/24/animated-razor-crest/


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Are you able to make the German Plane Which Blown Up In The 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark", Movie 

That's pretty cool. Chances would be higher if you can find a link to a freely available 3D model for it :-)

Bomber From "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" 3D CAD Model

Cool. Not sure how if Blender supports that file format but will add to the list to have a look at.

Bro, your the best! Your mods are GREAT!!!  Any plans to do a X-44 MANTA?

Thanks for the support ! That's pretty cool. Chances would be higher if you can find a link to a freely available 3D model for it :-)

(1 edit)

This is the closest thing I could find it's not very high texture or poly but it does have animated landing gear maybe with a nice skin, little bit more speed than the F-22 Raptor & the cockpit of the F-35 this could work https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/scaf-fighter-jet-f25001f8fad049878d49f4bd21f2018... I converted sktechfab models into blender then MSFS 2020 so it should work but i'm not skilled enough to make things fly like you. Let me know what you think.

That's an awesome model but unfortunately the creator hasn't made it downloadable though.

It was worth a shot thanks n e ways.

Feel free to share other options if you find them later :-)

That’s a great pic! Look at that altitude, it’s a little over what is possible 😅 check out the flightmodel.CFG file to set it if you keen. 

Does  the F-16 have a NSW (Nose Wheel Steering) engage/dis-engage button anywhere? I've looked, but haven't found one.

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Sorry but I don't actually know what that is or what it does :-) Can you point to an existing plane that has it and tell us briefly what it does ?

(2 edits)

Nose Wheel Steering is a small wheel located on the console beside the pilot that is used for steering the aircraft on the ground. The pilot places their hand on the wheel and  use it to turn the Nose Wheel to the left or to the right and center. It is sometimes used in conjunction with the Rudder Pedals to direct the path of the aircraft exclusively on the ground. It is commonly called a TILLER.

Would I need to add this to another game or is there an actual game for these models, I'm just a bit confused.

Hi,  these are mods we've made to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator. More info about how to add them on our site here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/22/mod-installation-troubleshooting-tips/

A Model Of The Guardians Of The Gallaxy - Milano Whould Be Cool !!!!!!


it’s on the to do list! 


Animated Dragon Over Sydney harbour

"There be dragons ..." :-)



The Santa Sleigh Is Fun And Comical To Fly

that’s something you don’t see everyday ! Glad you like it 

And fun can be had with it all year round, not just December :-)

Loved The HO, Ho, Ho And The Retractable Rocket.

Another Thought A Static 'War Of The Worlds Tripod' Placed Somewhere . This Tripod Comes From A TV Series Called 'Tridpods'.

Just Another Thought , Can You Make A Static Model Of The Iron Giant ? Or Activated Iron Giant ?

Haha ! That's a cool idea. The downloads for the Scenery mods I added are super low compared to the planes so I haven't made a scenery mod in months now - https://eggman28.itch.io/flightsim-addon

But will add to our backlog to consider if we see a good model for it.

(2 edits)

Can You Please Create Any Of The Craft From The TV Series 'UFO' -[1970 - 1971] ie ...The 'UFO' [My Favourite- Spinning If Possible] / 'Skydiver' -Submarine ,Nose Seperates To Become A jet Intercepter / 'The Interceptor', Moon Base UFO Intercepter / The 'Moon Hopper' / The 'Moon Tug' / 'S.I.D.' - Space Intruder Detecter .  ?

Not familiar with that show but have you tried the UFO looking craft we have "Jupiter2" in Sci-Fi ?  https://eggman28.itch.io/flight-sim-star-wars-ships - test flight video -

I Love Flying The Jupiter 2 And Am Happy That You Inserted The Robot Inside It

can someone please help the file has a lock icon on it and the the jets are not showing up  

Have you extracted the downloaded files to your Community folder ? Some troubleshooting tips and link to a video here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/22/mod-installation-troubleshooting-tips/

I don't know how to start the engine on F-16.  please advise.

Engines are already started for me when I spawn on the runway - eg below. It's not already on for you ?

Hello, I have been flying the F16 recently, and have noticed that after a while, the gear just stop working. If they are in the up position, they wont come out, and if they are in the down position, they wont retract. I have narrowed it down to seemingly only be correlated to time

We just released an update for the F-16 - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/232728/f16-minor-tw...

Let us know if you still have these issues after the update.

Happened To Me As Well - Had To Belly It On The Runway In Honalulu         : (                But I Got Out Ok !    LOL

Hey. I probably did something wrong but I installed your F-16 Mod, put it into my Community Folder (https://imgur.com/a/XM7V6Rd) and I can't access it in the Aircraft Selection Menu. Do I have to enable it somewhere or choose it somewhere else?

Hey, try checking the folder to ensure it shows the contents and not another folder with same name eg https://imgur.com/zJWQphg/

More troubleshooting tips here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/22/mod-installation-troubleshooting-tips/

We're also improving the F-16 and will be updating it very soon.

Yeah, had a look into the ContentInfo folder, it has a folder with the same name as the main folder and only contains thumbnail.png - Can I just rename this folder?

The ContentInfo folder should be fine. Is your folder structure "\Community\flightsimsquadron-f16\SimObjects\Airplanes\F16" ? 

Yes, it is.

We just updated the F-16.  Let us know if you have any issues accessing it.

I would like to complement you on your work.  I've sent a couple bucks to you and look forward to spending more, keep on working, you're doing GREAT!

Thanks so much for your support ! We get a lot of heat from some for our mods not being accurate enough especially where these are real life aircraft so it's much appreciated getting this type of feedback !

When will the next f16 update with gear and throttle arrive?

Hi Cole.Avation, glad you asked. It's in the works. I am hoping to get this out soon. At a minimum we will bring in the throttle, the gears need us to cut the mesh and insert + model new gear systems which takes a little bit of time.  If you haven't done so just follow us and you will get an email notification once its up 

Thanks! Agreed.

The F-16 with gear and throttle and more has landed !

Please make a car mod.

Are there any plans to update the models with better cockpits and animations? Or is it a quantity over quality type of project?

Hi Tjoeker

It’s funny you ask as this is something we are very active and focussed on bringing to the aircraft 

We want to get all the aircraft we would love to see fly in MSFS which is why there are quite a few already. Downside is the models most of the time don’t have cockpits which is why most of the time they are very simple or non existent.

For this reason we are starting to spend time on cockpits, and more importantly working internals. Have a look here, yesterday I posted this on the season pass page https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/2020-season-pass/devlog/202717/working-internals-f14

I’m going to start brining updated cockpits + a few key working internals into some of the ones in the aircraft page.

Do you have any preference on which aircraft you would like to see a better cockpit first?

(1 edit)

Thanks for the info! :)
I kinda like that you went broad first and then go deep now. ;)

I was specifically trying the Wright Flyer and A6M yesterday. (also the Wright Flyer has a listed cruise speed of about 330km/h :D )
The ones that interested me the most are the Wright Flyer, the A6M, the Spitfire and the F16. (I haven't tested the last two yet) But I don't have a preference to what should come first. Follow your own desires/schedule. :)

Are there any plans to upload to flightsim.to? They have a useful update notification system.


edit: can you also make the thumbnails consistent with the vanilla aircraft? :)

Sorry prob should have watch the whole thing before I posted it. If there is a way to put the msfs2020 spot view hud on virtual cockpit view that would be great.

Found  instructions to add hud with working instalments,  https://youtu.be/0KY56DMCJCY

Thanks for sharing but that seems to be for FSX conversions though. We're building using the SDK and not converting so don't think that would work for our mods. I haven't seen HUD in the official aircraft yet so hopefully that gets added to the SDK later.

on aircraft with virtual cockpits, they should work out a way to put the chaseview instalmenthud in virtual cockpit view. Suck to have bubble canopy and no instalments, can't fly in cockpit with no instalments. For that reason I almost never fly these aircraft, I hate that external flight mode, "novelty" and no substitute for replay. 

InstermentHud in VirtualCockpit !

Appreciate the feedback. Can you provide an example of an "instalment" in cockpit ? Or a screenshot with one of the official planes ? Thanks !

Can't take off with the F-117.  It just noses over and crashes when the takeoff starts. Any fix?

Hi, yeah I get that too when there's too much initial thrust. If I keep thrust low initially, it can take off.

Flips when too much thrust:


Please make the KC-135, i am a maintainer on it and i would love to see it

Any chance I could get someone to make an ultralight for me?  I have a Kolb Ultrastar that I am rebuilding over the winter.  I would like to fly it in simulator while I am waiting for spring.  I can provide pictures, details, etc.  Willing to pay!


Hi, assume you've tried the current ultralight we have here, you're happy with it and would like a version of it that is more like what you're building ? If so, feel free to send whatever pictures / details you have to us at contact@flightsimsquadron.com for us to have a look !

Will do!  Thank you!

Deleted 312 days ago

First off, Thank you for the modded content. I know its just two guys and its awesome to see the work youve done. Please DO NOT takes this as a complaint, I am not complaining at all, just hoping to add to the known list of working issues. I am a season pass holder and I believe in what you guys are doing.

All that said here are the issues I'm encountering.  Im still having a bit of trouble with the F14, F22 and SR71. With the SP I downloaded and replaced everything. I have the latest and greatest;

 F14  does an insta crash if you try any aerobatics above about 190kts. This aircraft should be able to handle quite a few G's before being over-stressed. Also, it achieves much higher speeds with the wings "open" when actually it should be the reverse. Lastly, I think you should reverse the flaps and the association with the swept wing. When wings are fully open, the flaps should be full, when the wings are retracted the flaps should be 0. (Again not a complaint at all, its awesome you got them working in the first place, just hoping to offer some help as far as bug testing)

F22 pulls right as if only one bank of engines is on, this is the latest release and I also have the same over-stress issues as the F14 albeit at a slightly higher speed. 

Sr71 is pulling hard to the right always. I've tried both flight modes and still have the issues. It again feels like only one engine is pushing therefore you are always compensating against the roll. 

Thanks for everything Eggman and KingDMac, please keep up the great work!

Hey thanks for the post and we definitely appreciate constructive feedback ! We're not experts on these aircraft and still learning and we're also amazed by the community contributing back the flight improvements they've discovered, eg for the F22 https://itch.io/post/2101201

We were wondering if what we did with the F-14 swing wings was right as we were so excited to even get them working that we thought it would be worth sharing as-is and look to improve as we learn more. We'll factor in your input for that now that we know more about how it should work :-)

I haven't explored too much the differences between the "Legacy" and "Modern" flight modes are but will try the some of the feedback shared and look forward to sharing improved updates for the mods !

(1 edit)

Hey @JessHays, thanks for the feedback and support! Funny I had the F-14 wings that way but decide to reverse them (one of those 2am decisions). I will update them tomorrow and submit a new version for you to download in the season pass. As for the performance I am busy working on the F22 at the moment upgrading its flaps, rudders and ailerons. Once these are in some of the other followers have submitted new engine config data which I am going to include / test. If all goes well I will pull these changes into the F-14 also. Hoping to get this all out in the next day or so. Keep posting feedback, if we know where to aim our work it helps everyone :) - kingdmac


You guys are killing it, no rush. Just glad to see these awesome planes in the air! Please keep up the great work guys!


Hi, would it be possible to do a B-52 Stratofortress ? :D

How much would it cost me for you guys to build a hot air balloon?

I know so many balloonists that would love to use your mods for MSFS2020 if you made a hot air balloon.

Just added one since you asked nicely :-) Feel free to spread the word and share the link with your friends :-) https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/17/hot-air-balloon/

We're also open to commission work for custom versions if interested :-)

The Balloon looks great, I'll give her a go.  Maybe if I told you how a balloon works we can get it working properly, so like virtical take offs using the wind to steer it etc etc. 

Starting from the grounds and having a burner anumation?? 

But it does look great for a first Balloon

Have a look at this video, try tweaking the config files he points out and see if you can get it to behave anything like what you'd expect how a balloon should behave :-) 

 I don't know if the flight dynamics of this game supports anything more than a plane but feel free to give it a go. Note you have to restart the game for those changes to be picked up ...

I'm goign to try and make it follow a gps?? but mainly as long as it has a vertical take off i think it'll work for the time being

Hi i found some absolutly amazing free models from star wars 



CR-90 (FOR SCENARY) :https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/star-wars-cr-90-60e26a508ca84126b30f01461f60086e


Those are some great models, the x-wing link seems broken though.

We will put them on our to do list thanks @Kubay. 

If you had to pick one to do first which one?

Maybe scenary First i think it will look awesome over london


Added Tantive IV - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/15/added-tantive-iv-scenery/

Love the models, Is it possible to get A B-29 Silverplate or a Dash 8

Hi there is a Link for b 29 Copy it and post to new comments but sry i didnt find dash 8 model 


Love the models, I'd like to ask if it's possible to make the F4 Phantom II.

Done ! I happened to be working on it previously as I love the F4 design too - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/182253/f4-phantom-m...

Very cool thanks! BTW, do you plan on keep working on these models to release them with the interior and higher resolution textures?

We haven't decided yet but I don't think we have the capacity to make the interiors function as per studio releases as we're just 2 of us doing this for fun after hours :-)