F117 - Night Hawk (Stealth Bomber)

It's here, the F117 Night Hawk Stealth Bomber

We are proud to bring you this icon of the skies to add to your squadron. Key features include:


  • Working dashboards! We are most proud to bring some working internals. We have some of the key dashboards working allowing you to fly inside the cockpit with some telemetry data. Switches and other features will be coming in future there are just some key issues to resolve in getting them to work


  • Animated ailerons
  • Animated landing gear
  • Semi animated Ruddervator (elevator and rudder are combined in this V-Tail aircraft).  This was a challange as MSFS caters for elevators and rudders separately in the SDK. Right now it triggers the animation with the elevator but as soon as we figure out how to blend both together we will update it.

@Evanburnsdev and @kingtupper, I hope you can give this one a go and see if you can enhance the flight capabilities with the configs like the F22.

Overall I sunk about 25 hours into this one, there were numerous issus. Head over to https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/11/27/f117-night-hawk-stealth-bomber/

Source Model: Sketchfab



flightsimsquadron-f117-nighthawk.zip 83 MB
Nov 26, 2020

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