Updated F-16 Cockpit

Still WIP but updated the F-16 with its own distinct cockpit.

Link to test flight video. Added pilot video for fun using AR helmet from https://www.au-airforce-ar.com/


flightsimsquadron-f16.zip 82 MB
Jan 26, 2021

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I cant find my mods anywhere in game. Had to reinstall and only have two stock planes.

Do the mods show up when you download them again and add them back to the Community folder ? I heard some folks had to download the other official planes from Marketplace after the game was re-installed.

hey mate

Yeah I had the same issue when I reinstalled the game. Go to the marketplace inside the game and redownload all the planes and content packs. It’s a bit of a pain but it worked for me. You should then also be able to specify where these packages are downloaded and this will be your community folder etc... hope it helps