F22 Upgrade - Cockpit + a few bits

New Cockpit Update

We have just updated the F22 with a new cockpit interior 

Additional to this are tweaks on the exhaust including a new turbine (visual) on the rear with moving exhaust outlets

The final update is a new flight model to make it more stable at super sonic speeds as in the past there was a wobble as well as the nose constantly pitched upwards.

Hope you all like these new additions. More to come soon



flightsimsquadron-f22-raptor.zip 145 MB
Apr 30, 2021

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Since update 6 the cockpit view is all blurry can't fly from inside . Otherwise rest is working fine as far i can tell

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I'm wondering the same thing as RamyB - the F-22 & F16 & F35 all have this very strong blur on everything outside the cockpit when in first person view, which makes enjoying the beautiful bubble canopy view (and beautiful cockpit instruments) a bit of a problem. Is it an intentional effect? (since it's in that video posted below)

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And just to compare, do you see the blur as well with the F-4 ?

I didn't try it yet but I can also give it a go later and see if the behavior persists. The planes are incredible by the way!

Thanks for your patience and your support too !

Why the quality of the environment when in cockpit is blurred and pixaleted how  can i fix it? but when i go to outside the plane the quality is great

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Out of curiosity, is it more blurred and pixelated compared to what I see in this video as example ? 

If so, are you able to share some video showing the issue ? Thanks !

When viewing from the cockpit The  outside looks pixelated and blurred (the cockpit quality is great)
Like the video you just shared is there a fix for it? it seems all the plane mods have this issue