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I fell in love with Macross / Robotech as a kid and am working on adding the VF-1 to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I found a good royalty free model online purchased it and am happy to share it back to the Community at no cost, if this makes another Macross / Robotech Microsoft Flight Sim player happy (although donations are welcome to recoup the cost of the model and to cover the effort that will be going into making this work).

It's still very rough and in its early days but if you're interested in seeing this get developed further, download it, let your friends know, leave a tip / comment to show your support so we know if there is interest in this project.

To manage expectations, it currently has no working cockpits, limited animation no working interior or correct sound, and is probably rubbish to fly.

So should probably really would not be of interest to anyone else who are not Macross / Robotech fans and should not be used for any purpose other than to take some screenshots for fun :-)

- VF-1 Fighter - no transformation but has animated landing gears

- Animated Gerwalk (triggered with Flap Key) - no landing gears

- other mods have no animations.

More info at https://flightsimsquadron.com/2021/05/06/trying-to-animate-macross-vf-1/

PS VF-31C model from here.

Low poly VF-1J and SDF-1 from this awesome collection here

For more behind the scenes info on our work, check out https://flightsimsquadron.com/


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macross-vf1-fighter.zip 64 MB
FlightSimSquadron-vf31c.zip 315 MB
macross-vf1js.zip 5 MB
sdf1.zip 4 MB
flightsimsquadron-vf1-gerwalk.zip 64 MB
flightsimsquadron-macross-vf1.zip 72 MB

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Great job brother! I m a Macross Saga Lover too. 

Its good to see so beautiful work

Congrats from Brazil.

Thanks for the support and great to hear other fans like it too !